Sustainable SEMI Venture Forum

Driving Innovation for Greener Semiconductor Manufacturing

Type of Event

Virtual Event

Our Participation


23 Sep 2021

Our participation

Engage with Katherine Hutchison, Executive Director and Head of Technology Strategy & Roadmaps, and thought leaders, visionaries, and academia from semi and venture investors to highlight the sustainability needs and challenges of the semiconductor industry. Identify how innovators can help drive innovations for a greener semiconductor industry. 

Learn from Owen Lozman, Managing Director of M Ventures, about VCs investment thesis on greener semi manufacturing. Watch teaser video below for more information.

Our thought leaders

  1. Katherine Hutchison

    PhD, Executive Director, Head of Technology Strate

    23 Sep 2021

    "Sustainable Electronics, A Materials Supplier’s Perspective"

  2. Owen Lozman

    Managing Director of M Ventures

    23 Sep 2021

    "The VC Perspective on Innovations in Greener Semiconductor Manufacturing"