Join us to find out the latest semiconductor materials, equipment, and related technologies and trends at the SEMICON Korea online conference and the in-person trade show.

Type of Event


Our Participation


09 Feb 2022 - 11 Feb 2022


  1. Seon-Woo Lee

    Global Head of Group Smart Manufacturing

    [On-demand] "AI in Semiconductor Manufacturing and the Way Forward"

Our participation

  1. Guanyang Lin

    Business Technology Manager, Patterning R&D

    [On-demand] Mitigating Challenges of Advanced Patterning Through Innovative Material Developments

  2. Ron Pearlstein

    Executive Director and Business Technology Manager

    [On-demand] Solving Interconnected Materials Challenges

  3. James Nehlsen

    Head of Specialty Gases R&D

    [On-demand] Reducing Plasma Etch Emissions through Molecular Design

  4. Robert Vacassy

    Global Business Technology Director

    [On-demand] CMP Session - Integrated Approach to CMP