Semiconductor Materials Webinar Series

Join our webinar series to discover how we are delivering integrated materials solutions to speed innovation. This webinar series is co-hosted with SEMI.

Type of Event

Online - Webcast

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15 Feb 2022

From 16:00 to 17:00 UTC+01:00


This is the second webinar in a series of webinars to explore pressing topics on materials and semiconductor development. Join us to discover how data and strengthening digital technologies is one of the top priorities for semiconductor businesses to address higher yields, zero defects, and shrinking dimensions.

With the right digital tools, processes, and mindset, the quality of the products and the pace of innovation in materials discovery can be enhanced while creating superior business outcomes for material suppliers and customers across the value chain. Learn how to solve industry challenges in leveraging data in R&D, quality, and supply chain and the benefits of a data-sharing ecosystem that can address concerns related to scalability, IT security, machine learning methods, and sustainable value creation. Discussion topics include:   

  • Scaling digital solutions across R&D, quality and supply chain for best-in-class materials  
  • Using data science and engineering to extract value for supply chain & asset lifecycle 
  • Reducing material quality excursions from months to weeks 
  • Applying predictive modelling for supply chain 
  • Developing new materials 50% faster in R&D by using data 
  • Learning from use cases on how to handle and make sense out of data 

Opening Host

  1. Laith Altimime

    President SEMI Europe

    Welcome remarks

    16 Feb 2022 - 16:00 UTC+09:00

  2. Anand Nambiar

    Global Head, Semiconductor Materials

    Welcome Remarks

    16 Feb 2022 - 16:05 UTC+09:00


  1. Kutup Kurt

    Head of Operations of Digital Solutions

    "Scaling Digital Solutions: Core to Semiconductor Innovation"

    16 Feb 2022 - 16:10 UTC+09:00

LIVE Q&A and Conclusions



    Q&A Moderated by Laith Altimime and Conclusions by Anand Nambiar

    16 Feb 2022 - 16:45 UTC+09:00

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