International Conference on Planarization Technology (ICPT)

ICPT is jointly hosted by the CMP User's Group of the Northern California Chapter of the American Vacuum Society & Clarkson University's Center for Advanced Materials Processing (C.A.M.P.).

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Join our Executive Director and Head of Business, Planarization Saifi Usmani, along with academic researchers, industrial practitioners, and engineers from around the world to exchange information on state-of-the-art research in CMP technology. ICPT 2022 promotes the exchange of opportunities, ideas, friendly relationships, and research collaboration.


Our participation

  1. Saifi Usmani

    ED and Head of Business, Planarization


  2. Navnidhi Upadhyay

    Research Scientist

    Poster Presentation (P37): “A Machine Learning-Based Approach for Quality Control of Chemical Mechanical Planarization Process”

    28 Sep 2022 - 16:45 UTC+09:00

Co-paper Authors

 “Characterizing the Tribological, Thermal & Kinetic Attributes of Non-Selective Tungsten “BUFF” CMP Slurries in Conjunction with Different Pads” by

  • Yasa Sampurno
  • Matthias Stender
  • Agnes Derecskei
  • Sana Ma
  • Nitin Chopra
  • Robert Vacassy
  • Yasa Sampurno
  • Ara Philipossian (Araca Incorporated)