Semiconductor Webinar Series

Join us to discover how innovations in selective surface-controlled processes, including atomic layer deposition (ALD) and etch (ALE), enable the manufacture of advanced electronic devices.

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Online - Webcast

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18 Oct 2023


This webinar is the 6th webinar in our series of webinars to explore trending topics on materials and semiconductor development.

During this interactive webinar, you will learn innovative approaches to deposit metal films, building on our proven track record as a safe and reliable supplier to the semiconductor industry.  We will also discuss novel vapor-phase ALE processes that selectively and precisely etch metals. These methods, without requiring plasma generation, wet etch steps, or corrosive gas, enable facile integration of isotropic ALE into HVM.   

Opening Host

  1. Surésh Rajaraman

    EVP & Business Unit Head, Thin Films

    Welcome remarks

    18 Oct 2023 - 16:00 UTC+02:00


  1. Sergei Ivanov

    Senior R&D Manager, Organometallics, Thin Films

    Revolutionizing Materials and Products – Innovations in ALD and ALE

    18 Oct 2023 - 16:05 UTC+02:00

  2. Martin McBriarty

    Senior Scientist

    Revolutionizing Materials and Products – Innovations in ALD and ALE

    18 Oct 2023 - 16:25 UTC+02:00

Live Q&A and Conclusions

  1. Laith Altimime

    Present of SEMI Europe

    Live Q&A and Conclusions

    18 Oct 2023 - 16:45 UTC+09:00


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