SEMI Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) Europe 2024

SEMI ISS offers insights on innovation, R&D, supply chain resilience, sovereignty, and sustainability. Explore Europe's contributions to the semiconductor ecosystem and its relevance in this dynamic sector.

Type of Event


06 Mar 2024 - 08 Mar 2024

Our participation

  1. Miriam Tolksdorf

    Global Head Sustainability of Electronics

    "How Collaboration & Innovation can Fuel a Sustainable AI Revolution"

    08 Mar 2024 - FROM 9:25 TO 9:45 UTC+01:00


Disruptions in the global semiconductor market present Europe with promising opportunities to (re)strengthen its role in this sector. Key trends such as Artificial Intelligence and the increasing demand for smaller and more powerful chips rely on innovations in semiconductor manufacturing. In order to also pursue ambitions for more sustainable paths in the semiconductor industry, it is even more crucial to rethink current solutions and processes. This presentation explores how, through collaboration, the necessary innovations can be achieved to lead us into an era of AI characterized by sustainable digital progress.

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