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The fascinating power of Nature to fight Pollution:
Phyllantus Emblica officinalis

ABSTRACT: Pollution became within a few years a major topic of concern. Causes of air pollution are multiple and associated with e.g. release of particulate matter (PM) and heavy metals. Upon pollutant exposure, biochemical reactions are initiated; e.g. overexpression of reactive oxygen species (ROS), release of inflammatory cytokines and metallothionein overexpression (MT1H). The ultimate consequences are visible signs of premature skin ageing. To circumvent that, taking benefit from Nature was our approach. Investigations were performed on an Indian goose berry tree extract well-known in Ayruvedic medicine: Phyllanthus Emblica officinalis (Emblica). Emblica notably shows outstanding antioxidant and metal-chelating properties. In order to have a picture of its anti-pollution properties, tests were done on in-vitro and ex-vivo levels. We explored in vitro, the protective effect against PM/UVA-induced ROS overproduction and the anti-inflammatory potential against cytokines release. In the ex vivo model, human explants were exposed to PM2.5 and heavy metals and the anti-pollution effect was studied by analyzing e.g. general morphology, MT1H expression. Results showed very promising anti-pollution effects in both models for all parameters. The results highlight how Nature offers a solution against e.g. human industrial excesses. Emblica represents a solid skin care anti-pollution solution fulfilling an increasing and justified demand of end consumers.

Speaker: Dr Valérie Bicard-Benhamou Technical Support Manager - Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

  • Date: 27/09/2018
  • Track: TechFocus 
  • Location: Room Level 0

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