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Monday - 8th November 2021

  13:30-13:45 Webinar Opens
Djordje Musil, Jose Marquez, Romain Talon
(facilities, sample preparation, data collection and processing)

Co-chairs: Chiara Rapisarda, Maryam Khoshouei
  13:45-14:00 Marta Carroni, SciLifeLab, Sweden: "Facilitating accessibility to cryo-EM – The Swedish cryo-EM facility"
  14:00-14:15 Andreas Schenck, Novartis, Switzerland: "Streamlining data collection and analysis for cryo-EM based structure determination"
  14:15-14:30 Mathieu Botte, leadXpro, Switzerland: "Sample Preparation for Cryo-EM: Challenges and Perspectives"
  14:30-14:45 Michael Saur, Astex, UK: “Fragment-based drug discovery using cryo-EM – a future perspective”
  14:45-15:15 Workshop 1 Discussion Forum
  15:15-15:30 Break  (including poster sessions)
  15:15-15:18 Poster Session A
Arkita Bandyopadhyay, P01: Structural and functional characterization of ATPase domain of Rv3870 of M. tuberculosis ESX-1 system
Poster Session B
Melissa Ann Graewert, P12: Structural Characterization of biopharmaceuticals with solution small angle scattering
  15:18-15:21 Diana O. Silva, P04: Targeting human Cyclophilin D as a Drug Target - Towards the discovery of new CypD inhibitors Alexey Vlasov,
P09: ATP synthases are targets for new drugs

  15:21-15:30 Poster Session Q&A
Arkita Bandyopadhyay & Diana O. Silva

Poster Session Q&A
Melissa Ann Graewert & Alexey Vlasov

    Moderators: Djordje Musil & Romain Talon Moderator: Josan Marquez
    Session 1:
AI opportunities in SBDD
Co-Chairs: Chun-wa Chung, Sandra Cowan-Jacob, Daniel Kuhn
  15:30-16:00 Lewis Mervin AZ, UK and Ola Engkvist, AZ, Sweden: "Privacy preserving machine learning in the pharmaceutical industry"
  16:00-16:30 Ilaria Ferlenghi, GSK, UK: “GEMINI: an integrated structure and AI based approach for new vaccine identification”
  16:30-17:00 Lovisa Holmberg Schiavone and Aurelie Bornot, AZ, Sweden: "A pre-competitive consortium to share data and build predictive models for recombinant protein expression"
  17:00-17:30 Session 1 Discussion Forum
  17:30-18:30 Keynote Lecture
Andrew R. Leach, EBI/EMBL UK: "Will accurate computational prediction of protein structure change drug discovery?"
Co-Chairs: Chun-wa Chung
  18:30-19:30 Networking

Tuesday - 9th November 2021

  13:30-13:35 Webinar Opens
    Workshop 2
Automation and Method Development in Crystallography
Co-chairs: Romain Talon, Edward Mitchell
  13:35-13:50  iNext presentation
Anastassis Perrakis
  13:50-14:05 Saravanan Panneerselvam, EMBL, Germany: "Macromolecular Crystallography at EMBL Hamburg"
  14:05-14:20 Jose Antonio Marquez, ALPX, ALPX, France: "Automated crystallography pipelines for small-molecule screening and membrane proteins"
  14:20-14:35 Matthew W. Bowler, EMBL, France: "How MXPress workflows use automated decision-making to get the best possible data from your samples"
  14:35-14:50 Lisa J. Keefe, IMCA-CAT, US: “Design with Purpose at IMCA-CAT:  Focusing on Industry Needs”
  14:50-15:05 Joachim Diez, Expose, Switzerland: "„Never waste a good crisis“- how the rise of Cryo-EM and the cumulative synchrotron dark times can lead to quality of life improvements for industrial MX-users"
  15:05-15:20 Discussion
  15:20-15:25 IBM Aspera/SVA Sponsor Talk
  15:25-15:30 Thermo Fisher: Epitope mapping of SARS-CoV-2 spike-fab complexes using cryo-EM
  15:30-15:35 Beckman Coulter: Introduction into Analytical Ultracentrifugation, AUC – enabling for protein characterization in solution
  15:35-15:50 Break (including poster sessions)
  15:30-15:33 Poster Session C
Tobias Krojer, P11: FragMAx Crystallographic fragment screening at MAX IV
Poster Session D
Amy Danson, P05: Super-Resolution fluorescence microscopy reveals clustering behaviour of Chlamydia pneumoniae's Major Outer Membrane Protein
  15:33-15:36 Tristan O. C. Kwan, P02: High throughput approach to prepare high-density microcrystals in lipidic cubic phase for serial crystallography and fragment screening Holger von Moeller and Sophie Zimmermann P08: Automation and method development in crystallography – Every Crystal Matters
  15:36-15:50 Poster Session Q&A
Tobias Krojer & Tristan O. C. Kwan

Poster Session Q&A
Amy Danson, Holger von Moeller and Sophie Zimmermann

    Moderators: Josan Marquez & Romain Talon Moderator: Djordje Musil
  ⠀⠀⠀⠀ Session 2:
Integrative Structural Biology
Co-chairs: Taiana Maia De Oliveira, Alexey Rak
  15:50-16:10 John Briggs, MRC, UK: „In virus structural biology of SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses“
  16:10-16:30 Taiana Maia De Oliveira, AZ, UK: „Cryo-EM and Integrative Structural Biology at AstraZeneca“
  16:30-16:50 Dmitri Svergun, EMBL-Hamburg, Germany: “Integrative studies with solution X-ray scattering”
  16:50-17:10 Juri Rappsilber, TU-Berlin, Germany: “In-cell integrative structural biology of transcription-translation coupling”
  17:10-17:20 Session 2 Question Session
  17:20-17:30 Break and Networking
  17:30-18:15 Virtual EPN (ESRF, EMBL, IBS, ILL) Facility Tour
The European Photon & Neutron (EPN) Science Campus host four major institutes - ESRF, EMBL, ILL and IBS - which all together founded the Partnership for Structural Biology (PSB).The EPN campus offers a unique combination of facilities for structural Biology including access to X-ray, Cryo-EM, Neutrons, NMR and sample preparation services in a single site. In this virtual tour EPN scientists will take you around the campus visiting some of our facilities.
Moderators: Romain Talon & Josan Marquez
  18:15-19:15 Networking

Wednesday - 10th November 2021

  13:45-13:50 Webinar Opens
    Session 3:
Scientific data management in the era of big data
Co-Chairs: Markus Kroemer, Jose Marquez, Djordje Musil
  13:50-14:00 Introduction – Markus Kroemer, Novartis, Switzerland
  14:00-14:20 Raphael Bourgeas, EMBL, France and Clemens Vonrhein, Global Phasing Ltd, UK: “Integrated management analysis and interpretation of data along the crystallography experimental workflow”
  14:20-14:40 Robbie Joosten, NKI, The Netherlands: „Speeding up the last mile of structure solution with PDB-REDO“
  14:40-15:00 Mihaly Varadi, EBI, UK: “PDBe-KB: An integrated knowledge base of molecular structures and their functional annotations that supports large scale data mining”
  15:00-15:30 Session 3 Discussion Forum
  15:30-15:35 Rigaku Sponsor Talk
  15:35-15:40 Dynamic Biosensors: heliX® – the new-generation modular biosensor for molecular interactions
  15:40-15:45 Xenocs Sponsor Talk
  15:45-16:00 Break and Networking
    Session 4:
Case studies
Co-chairs: Alexey Rak, Paul Rowland
  16:00-16:20 Jan Steyaert, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium: „From Nanobodies to Megabodies for applications in cryo-EM“
  16:20-16:40 Frank von Delft, University of Oxford, UK: "Systematic progression of fragments by linking AI and experiment by robotics"
  16:40-17:00 Rob van Montfort, ICR, UK: “Achieving in vivo target depletion through the discovery and optimization of benzimidazolone BCL6 degraders”
  17:00-17:20 Markus G. Rudolph, Roche, Switzerland: “Selective DDR1 over DDR2 inhibitors from efficient screening and structure-guided design”
  17:20-17:30 Session 4 Question Session
  17:30-17:35 Closing remarks
Djordje Musil, Romain Talon, Josan Marquez
  17:35-18:35 Networking