#Microbiotiful - A kitchen sponge

Microorganisms love it in and on kitchen sponges. Here’s what our contact plate revealed!

Microbiotiful #8 - A kitchen sponge
Experiment N. 08
A kitchen sponge

Kitchen sponges are hotbeds of bacteria—up to 50 billion populate a single cubic centimeter, more than six times as many as there are people on planet earth. Most of them colonize the sponge’s surface or visible cavities, where they grow rapidly due to the trapped moisture and attached food residues. While most of the bacteria pose no harm to humans, researchers have identified a variety of pathogens. Cleaning, microwaving or boiling sponges might reduce the bacterial load for a while, but they’ll be back in next to no time. It’s probably best to do without kitchen sponges altogether.

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