Life Science

Before researchers can make scientific breakthroughs, they need state-of-the-art tools, services and expertise to perform experiments and engineer new products. At MilliporeSigma, that’s where we come in.

Our Life Science business accelerates access to health for people everywhere.

We provide infinite solutions to solve the toughest problems in life science in collaboration with the global scientific community. Our tools, services and digital platforms empower scientists and engineers at every stage, helping deliver breakthrough therapies more quickly.

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Before researchers can make scientific breakthroughs, they must have access to state-of-the-art tools, services and expertise to perform experiments and engineer new products. This is where we begin our journey of collaboration with customers in academia, biomanufacturing and testing. Learn more about our roles in:

Life Science by the numbers

  • 59

    manufacturing sites around the globe.

  • 100+

    distribution centers worldwide.

  • 21k+


  • 300k+


Helping to Fight Covid-19

  • As a global life science supplier, we are here to help in the response to COVID-19.
  • From supplying raw materials and research products for detection and characterization to production, we’ve consolidated relevant product and service offerings within a centralized COVID-19 webpage.
  • Current events around the spread of COVID-19 and its impact on public health continue to evolve. We're tracking the latest news and updates related to our role in COVID-19 response efforts.

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    MilliporeSigma Announces the Expansion of Hands-On Science Education Program ...

    The Curiosity Cube®—a retrofitted shipping container that features hands-on science experiments designed to spark student interest in STEM careers—will engage young minds at schools and public spaces.


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    MilliporeSigma Announces Investment of Approximately € 100 Million to Accelerate ...

    MilliporeSigma today announced the signing of an agreement with the Administrative Management Committee of Wuxi National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone.


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    Valérie Gabelica Receives 2022 Heinrich Emanuel Merck Award for Analytical ...

    This year’s winner of the Heinrich Emanuel Merck Award for Analytical Science obtained a PhD in Chemical Sciences in 2002 at the University of Liège, Belgium.


M Lab™ Collaboration Center

  • Our M Lab™ Collaboration Centers offer vibrant collaboration spaces in which our customers can explore ideas, learn innovative techniques, and work side by side with our scientists and engineers to solve critical process development challenges.
  • This global network of non-GMP labs, designed specifically for customers, offer the flexibility to troubleshoot and test in our facility without impacting your production line.
  • Located in key biopharma hubs around the world, our experts are ready to collaborate with your experts to solve your toughest problems - together.
M Labs™ Overview

What M Lab™ Collaboration Centers have to Offer?

At the M Lab™ Collaboration Centers, no challenge is too great. Our technical expertise spans all aspects of the process train.

We offer:

  • Pilot lab and process development labs
  • Interactive digital tools & Curiosity Hub
  • Hands-on and classroom setting training

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