A single channel partner for the production of integrated circuits. EMD Performance Materials' extensive portfolio covers important parts in the front and back end of the value chain.

Semiconductor solutions

Wafer fabrication

Semiconductor wafer fabrication includes three main areas of assembly: Lithography, Permanent Layer & Planarization.

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  1. Patterning Enhancement
  2. Photosensitive Patterning
  3. Process Materials
  4. Directed Self Assembly (DSA)
  5. Spin-on Hardmask
  6. Deposition Materials
  7. Spin-on Dielectrics
  8. Colloidal Silica for CMP


Integrated circuit packaging is the final stage of semiconductor device fabrication. The housing or ‘package’ supports the electrical contacts that connect the integrated circuit chip to the circuit board.

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  1. Thick film resists
  2. Interconnects & Conductive pastes
  3. Phosphors for LED Lighting
  4. LED Packaging

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