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Collaborating with the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance: How Patient Voices Help Drive Our Innovation

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01 APR 2023


To innovate new treatments for head and neck cancer, we know it is critical to listen to the patient communities we are seeking to help. That is why our collaborations with advocacy groups such as the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance are so important.

Our Head of Development Unit Oncology, Dr. Victoria Zazulina, had the opportunity to speak with Amanda Hollinger, Executive Director of the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance, about the community’s greatest needs and how we can work together to meet them.

Although head and neck cancer is a highly prevalent form of cancer with more than 800,000 cases globally, awareness of the condition remains too low. As a result, far too many people recognize symptoms too late and are only diagnosed at an advanced stage, when successful treatment is more challenging.

The Head and Neck Cancer Alliance not only seeks to educate more people about head and neck cancer and its symptoms, but is also driving earlier diagnosis through its free screening program. The organization also offers invaluable support to those affected by head and neck cancer, which can have a devastating impact, impeding patients’ ability to eat, speak, breathe and sleep.

With few treatment advances in many decades, we are focused on pioneering new approaches that may have the potential to enhance outcomes. To do this, we continuously listen to our patient communities and shape our efforts around their greatest needs. In fact, for over 350 years, we have aspired to create, improve and prolong life for people living with difficult-to-treat conditions and we pride ourselves on making a positive difference for millions of people’s lives every day.  

Our ongoing partnerships with groups such as the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance are crucial to helping us better serve our patient communities. Working together, we can continue to learn from and support those affected by head and neck cancer.

HCPs interested in learning more about our research in head and neck cancers, visit https://www.emdseronooncology.com/en/our-science/oncogenic-signaling/IAP/.

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