Investor Conferences & Roadshows 2013

Investor Conferences & Roadshows 2013

Date Title Company Speaker Presentation
12/05/2013    Acquisition of AZ Electronic Materials

Karl-Ludwig Kley

Matthias Zachert

12/03/2013 Berenberg European Conference Stefan Oschmann PDF
11/19/2013 Roadshow, Netherlands & Belgium Matthias Zachert PDF
11/18/2013 Roadshow, Paris (F) Matthias Zachert PDF
11/15/2013 Roadshow, London (UK) Matthias Zachert PDF
09/30/2013 Bond Roadshow, Frankfurt (DE)

Rando Bruns

Tim Nielsen

09/25/2013 Baader Investment Conference, Munich (DE) Constantin Fest PDF
09/24/2013 Goldman Sachs, Berenberg: German Corporate Conference, Munich (DE) Matthias Zachert PDF
09/12/2013 Bank of America/Merrill Lynch Global Healthcare Conference, London (UK) Matthias Zachert PDF
09/11/2013 Bond Roadshow J.P.Morgan, London (UK) Matthias Zachert PDF
09/10/2013 Roadshow, Paris (F) Constantin Fest PDF
09/06/2013 Roadshow, Edingburgh (UK) Constantin Fest PDF
09/03/2013 Roadshow, Scandinavia Thomas Kornek PDF
08/09/2013 Roadshow, London (UK) Matthias Zachert PDF
08/08/2013 Roadshow, Frankfurt (DE) Matthias Zachert PDF
08/07/2013 Roadshow, New York (US) Matthias Zachert PDF
06/26/2013 LC & OLED Information Day Group Executives Link
05/22/2013 UBS Global Healthcare Conference, New York (US) Matthias Zachert PDF
05/17/2013 DZ DAX Lunch, Frankfurt (DE) Matthias Zachert PDF
05/16/2013 Roadshow London (UK) Matthias Zachert PDF
05/15/2013 Deutsche Bank German, Swiss & Austrian Conference, Frankfurt (DE) Matthias Zachert PDF
03/08/2013 - 03/20/2013 FY2012 Roadshow, London (UK), Boston (USA), Frankfurt (D), Paris (F), Zurich (CH) Matthias Zachert PDF
01/21/2013 Cheuvreux German Corporate Conference, Frankfurt

Matthias Zachert, 
Dr. Thomas Kornek

01/15/2013 Commerzbank German Investment Seminar, New York (USA) Matthias Zachert, Constantin Fest PDF
01/07/2013 J.P.Morgan Healthcare Conference, San Francisco (USA)

Matthias Zachert, 
Dr. Stefan Oschmann



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