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Key figures 2015 2016 2017
EPS pre in € 4,87 6,21 6,16
Dividend in € (subject to approval by the AGM) 1,05 1,20 1,25
Share price high in € 111,25 100,05  114,40
Share price low in € 74,90 71,40 87,90
Year-end share price in € 89,57 99,15 89,75
Actual number of shares in millions (as of year-end) 129,20 129,20 129,20
Theoretical total number[1] of shares in millions (as of year-end) 434,80 434,80 434,80
Market capitalization[2] in € billion (as of year-end) 38,94 43,11 39,02

Share-price relevant figures relate to the closing price in Xetra® trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The terms are adjusted to the new number of shares after the share split (June 30, 2014).

[1] 129.2 m public float, plus 305.5 m theoretical shares held by Merck Family 

[2] Based on the theoretical number of shares of 434.8 m


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