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02 NOV 2021


We recommend our new GASGUARD eV Temperature Control System! This blog reveals features and benefits of our new Temperature Control System.

Our GASGUARD eV Temperature Control System delivers state-of-the-art fabwide heat sourcing and control of electronic specialty gases requiring heating before delivery to the tool. This latest addition to our premier line of GASGUARD delivery systems and equipment includes an ECC heater/controller, the GASGUARD AP11 controller, and a gas cabinet with two blankets and two heat traces to accommodate two A or B size cylinders, plus others are also available.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Key Benefits of the new GASGUARD eV Temperature Control System:

  • Over-temperature protection reliability 
  • Integrated monitoring and control 
  • Single piece blanket design  
  • Smaller footprintReduced installation costs                                         
  • GFCI protection   
  • Single power feed           
  • Dual power source optional          
  • Class 1, Division 2 approval, ATEX, CE, CSA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Significant upgrades include cutting power sources from a 3-to-1 feed, adding GFCI protection, lowering installation costs, and expanding integrated monitoring and control links between the heater/controller and AP11 controller. This encompasses benchmark control technology for specialty gas delivery systems, that provides users with enhanced uptime, simplified troubleshooting and increased controller reliability.The GASGUARD eV Temperature Control System incorporates a newly redesigned heater blanket. Each blanket has single-piece construction for both the heater and insulation, dual voltage (120V or 208-240V), and over-temperature protection via redundant bimetallic switches.All GASGUARD gas cabinets and equipment are backed by more than 60 years of experience in the cost-effective, safe, and reliable delivery of gases and chemicals to the semiconductor, TFT-LCD and photovoltaics industry.