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Cultured Meat

Cell-cultured meat and seafood could provide a healthier, more ethical and sustainable alternative to conventional animal protein. As technology enabler, we aim to accelerate the emerging field of cultured meat

Innovation Cup

The brightest students from all over the world meet at our company headquarters to learn from professionals, network, develop business plans and win the 20,000 EUR Innovation Cup.

Annual General Meeting 2020

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany held its 25th Annual General Meeting on May 28, 2020. The company made use of the possibilities afforded by the German legislator in view of the coronavirus pandemic and ...

Optimizing media for cultured meat products

To produce cultured meat at scale, cell culture media need to be high-performing, suitable for animal cells, free of animal-derived materials, and cost-efficient. We are tackling exactly these challenges.

Innovators´ Club: From Bench to Fork: the Science behind Cultured Meat

How can cultured meat help meet a growing demand for meat and seafood? And what does it take to bring it from R&D to market? Watch the recording of our Innovators´ Club!

Innovators´Club: 3D printing - shaping the future of human health

In recent years the innovation of additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing has grown rapidly and so have its applications and possibilities for human health.

2020 Research Grants

In 2020, we are offering research grants the fields of Healthcare, Life Science, Digital. Top submitters will be invited to a Deep Dive workshop to further advance the proposals together with our scientists.

Crystalline Sponge Technology

Complete structure analysis on sub-microgram scale: The novel crystalline sponge technology makes chemical structure determination simpler, faster and cheaper.

Envisioning Tomorrow

Making a positive difference: Our work is fueled by the belief that science is a force for good. That’s why we’re focusing our most innovative R&D on issues that have world-changing potential.

Innovators‘ Club: From Bench to Fork: the Science behind Cultured Meat

With global demand for meat expected to rise nearly 70% by 2050, the question arises: how can cultured meat help meet the mass-market demand cleanly and humanely in the future?











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