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Using Computer Modeling to Advance Clean Meat

One of the major challenges for traditional research is that conducting experiments in the lab is time-consuming and expensive. Complementing lab experiments with virtual ones allows biologists to reach insights faster and more efficiently.

Envisioning Tomorrow

Making a positive difference: Our work is fueled by the belief that science is a force for good. That’s why we’re focusing our most innovative R&D on issues that have world-changing potential.


The future has never been brighter or more colorful.

2020 Research Grants

In 2020, we are offering research grants the fields of Healthcare, Life Science, Digital. Top submitters will be invited to a Deep Dive workshop to further advance the proposals together with Merck scientists.

Breakthroughs begin with Curiosity

We believe that curiosity is the driving force behind human progress and development. Discover why curiosity is crucial for our future.


Together with our partners, we make great things happen. Find out about the many advantages of joining forces with one of the world’s top science and technology companies.

Strategy & Values

We are curious minds dedicated to human progress. We are pushing the boundaries of possibility to improve the lives of millions of people and to create sustainable value.

Mixing, printing, done!

Traditional tablet production is efficient for large volumes, but it’s costly and time-consuming for clinical trial drug manufacture. 3D printing will make it simpler, faster and less expensive.

Looking into the future of Quantum computing across industries

Darmstadt isn’t just home to our global headquarters, it is a global science, technology and innovation hub. In fact, in 2019, it was again ranked* as Germany’s No.1 “City of the Future” in terms of scientific innovation.

2020 Research Challenges

Merck 2020 Research Grants advancing the fields of Healthcare, Life Science and Digital and t.b.d.









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