Raw opium, the basic ingredient for the production of morphine


Raw opium, the basic ingredient for the production of morphine - In 1805, Friedrich Wilhelm Sertürner publishes in Paderborn his discovery of morphine – the basis for Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany future research. Morphine is a member of the family of alkaloids, chemically heterogeneous, in most cases alkaline, nitrogen-containing compounds that are produced by plants, animals, or microorganisms. In 1826 Emanuel Merck published the results of his work on opium and morphine in the ‘Magazin für Pharmacie’. His presentation of the Novelty Cabinet in 1827 represents a milestone in the emancipation from a pharmacy trade to a scientific-based industrial company. Among chemists, physicians and pharmacists he wanted this collection of alkaloids and notebook to “increase the general knowledge of this class of remedies [...]” and “enable them to test these substances at little cost”. 

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