The challenge

The goal of this challenge: to identify the best utilization of a mobile/connected device (cell phone, tablet, etc.) in a laboratory environment. 

This utilization is through the specific hardware capabilities of the device or utilization of a software application on the device, either publicly available or a custom application designed and built by the individual or group utilizing it. 

We seek implemented ideas that are actively being utilized within the lab environment. Our criteria used to determine best utilization include:

  • Enablement of a new activity not able to be performed previously in the lab
  • Reduction of the workflow time or improve efficiency for a given lab process or protocol
  • Improved performance of an experimental result

Anyone from around the world may participate in the challenge. This challenge is not open to HCPs. All submissions are evaluated by a panel of internal researchers to identify the most impactful implementation of a connected device based on the criteria. Gold (EUR 10,000), silver (EUR 5,000) and bronze (EUR 2,500) winners are selected based on the panel’s evaluation.

Winners of 2020 Challenge

  1. Gold – LabVoice (Steve McCoy, Dan DeAlmeida)
  2. Silver – Connected Labs (Thomas Perraudin, Julien Alvo)
  3. Bronze -  Antibody & Product Development Lab APD (Samuel Gan)

Who can participate?

Anyone from around the world may participate, as an individual or in a team. This challenge is not open to HCPs. 

How does it work?

  • Submission is by completing the application form with your own (single applicant) or your team’s (team application) application with accepted terms and conditions by e-mail to before 23:59 (CET) August 31st, 2020.  
  • All applicants are required to submit a presentation or movie that clearly demonstrates the utilization of the idea and communicates the benefits of this utilization in a quantitative fashion along with an explanatory description.  
  • We are seeking implemented ideas that are actively being utilized within the lab environment. 
  • Maximum file size for submission is 20MB. Please get in contact with us at in case you would like to submit your application in more than one part.
  • Top 3 best implementations selected based on the user's submissions. Winners, based on the above criteria, will receive EUR 10,000 award for the best idea (gold), with runner up awards of EUR 5,000 for second place (silver) and EUR 2,500 for third place (bronze).
  • Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany retains the exclusive right to make any press release or any kind of public communication about the competition.
  • Neither Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany nor our affiliations will attempt to commercialize any of the submitted ideas.
  • Confidential details on project content will not be revealed.

Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany awards the most impactful implementations of a connected device in the laboratory based on the criteria above with gold (EUR 10,000), silver (EUR 5,000) and bronze (EUR 2,500) prizes. Furthermore, selected participants have the chance to gain access to potential collaborations with us, which include access to enabling resources and contacts.


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