Research grant for pandemic preparedness

Research grants for technological solutions towards pandemic outbreak preparedness or solutions that could help fighting emerging viral infections.

Global challenge for humanity

The threat from newly emerging viral infections is one of the top global challenges for humanity. The recent COVID-19 pandemic shows that pandemic preparedness and having the right products and technology to fight infectious diseases with epidemic and pandemic potential is of utmost importance. It is required to act quickly to limit further substantial damages to society, economy and ecology.

How can we leverage modern technologies to create new breakthrough solutions to be prepared for such exceptional but impactful circumstances? Which groundbreaking solutions can help to fight new viral infections and prevent spreading?

Call for research proposals

We are offering a grant comprising up to 500,000 €/year for 3 years with the option of extension.

Proposals will be considered that leverage technological solutions to be more prepared for pandemic outbreaks or solutions that could help to fight emerging viral infections. 

Pre-outbreak R&D Preparedness for pandemic disease:

  • Assessing the priority of pathogens and diseases with epidemic threat
  • Platform technologies to accelerate the development of vaccines, drugs, diagnostics, vector control tools and delivery systems needed to control emerging health threats
  • Innovative technologies for better personal protection equipment for infection control

Response during outbreak:

  • Novel health technologies (e.g. AI, bioelectronics, diagnostics) for early screening of potential infected patients and treatment facilitation.
  • Fast-track identifying, testing and production of effective drugs and vaccines during outbreak