Oncology and Immuno-Oncology

Through a biology-driven focused approach, we aim to deliver treatments that can potentially make a difference for people living with cancer.


Our oncology pipeline holds promise in the near term through our later-stage priority programs, and our early pipeline includes several potentially groundbreaking modalities. All are selective, clearly differentiated and have the potential to be best-in-class. 

We focus on four innovation clusters:

  • Oncogenic Signaling
  • DNA Damage Response (DDR)
  • Antibody-Drug Conjugates (ADCs)
  • Stress and Plasticity

As part of our commitment to precision medicine, we use predictive biomarkers to identify those patient populations that are most likely to respond to treatment. Moreover, we apply pharmacodynamic biomarkers in order to guide optimal dosing and thereby increase the probability of success in clinical development.

We believe that rational combinations are key to developing new treatment options. Therefore, we are currently combining selected targeted therapies with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, other targeted agents and/or immunotherapies, leveraging our own as well as external portfolios and partnerships to identify new ways to possibly improve patient outcomes.

We are aware that we can identify and develop therapies and biomarkers for patients better and faster with the help of external collaborations. We collaborate with leading academic institutions and industry innovators to complement our pipeline, strengthen our technology base and enhance our scientific capabilities.

View our pipeline to see what we’re currently working on across therapeutic areas and clinical development phases. Learn more


Immuno-oncology (IO) is where immunology and oncology intersect. By harnessing the immune system, IO aims to activate or augment the body’s natural response against cancer.

IO is changing the cancer landscape, and the recent development of IO compounds represents a ‘quantum leap’ for cancer therapy. We are committed to harnessing this potential to develop new therapies, improve outcomes and make a difference for people living with cancer.

Our IO R&D platform follows a biology-driven strategy that pursues novel, differentiated, investigational therapeutic targets. We focus on:

  • Next generation immune checkpoint inhibitors to release the brakes on anti-tumor responses
  • Modulation of metabolites in the tumor microenvironment to alleviate immunosuppression
  • Activation of the body’s defenses against tumors, including tumor phagocytosis (white blood cells engulfing tumors) and inhibiting the suppression of T-cells by myeloid-derived suppressor cells
  • Exploration of the role of natural killer cells and T-cell engagers in the tumor microenvironment
  • Localized co-stimulation of T-cells to boost anti-tumor responses
  • Research of novel biomarkers in collaboration with academic oncology centers

We operate a translational innovation platform that accelerates the highest-quality science. Our pipeline includes potentially groundbreaking modalities and mechanisms targeting difficult-to-treat cancers. We discovered the majority of our oncology and IO pipeline molecules in-house. But innovation often benefits from broader collaboration. To enhance our expertise, we have created a strong network of alliances with external partners. These include leading thinkers from oncology centers of excellence, as well as industry and biotech innovators from partner organizations. Learn more 

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