Our R&D Hubs

Our specialized R&D sites around the world create a pioneering global network that fosters collaboration, curiosity and innovation.

Highly connected

We have a well-established global footprint, with the research and development activities of our Healthcare business centered around six well-connected hubs. These centers of excellence drive innovation across our scientific community to deliver a potentially transformative pipeline with a strong focus on helping to create, improve and prolong lives. They also represent key innovation markets for the company and allow us to tap into a wealth of scientific talent from local universities and life sciences companies. Together with further specialized R&D sites around the world, we deliver a pioneering global network that fosters collaboration, curiosity and innovation.

Darmstadt, Germany

Our Darmstadt hub is home to scientists and clinical development professionals, located on site at our corporate headquarters, helping to facilitate collaborations and innovative synergies with other business units. Its focus is on research and development activities in immunology and oncology. As a science-driven and patient-focused organization, our enduring commitment to innovation drives our efforts to discover, develop and deliver meaningful solutions that help address the therapeutic and support needs of individual patients. Our network of partnerships with other biotech companies and academic groups based in and around Germany fosters a constant flow of new ideas into our company.

Boston, USA

Our US hub is located in Billerica, Massachusetts, northwest of Boston. At this state-of-the-art facility scientists and clinical development professionals focus on immunology, immuno-oncology and oncology. With close collaboration across all R&D teams, we are strengthening synergies to discover and advance innovative therapies that address high medical needs. Our constant curiosity and specialist approach drive our partnerships and bring new ideas to life. This center of excellence is designed to attract the very best scientific talent and underpins a broad range of partnerships with US-based companies, academic centers and key opinion leaders, especially in Boston where the life sciences community is exceptionally vibrant.

Beijing, China

The Beijing hub is crucial to our vision of expanding in Asia. Our Healthcare business uniquely combines the assets of a leading science and technology pioneer with a deep-rooted tradition in pharmaceutical science – both of which are highly regarded in China. Research activities at the Beijing hub focus mainly on biomarker research, including pharmacogenomics and bioanalytics.

Our employees are our biggest differentiator and their professional development is crucial for our continued success. We offer all of our teams in Beijing world-class training on cutting-edge research topics and technologies, and provide opportunities to interact with renowned scientists and clinical experts across China. By leading drug development for local clinical trials and participating in global clinical trials from Beijing, we can leverage our expertise to liaise more effectively with government stakeholders, academic institutions and other research-oriented organizations.

Tokyo, Japan

Our Tokyo hub focuses on oncology, immunology and endocrinology. It serves as the gateway to our broader North East Asia, which is a significant focus area for our Healthcare business. Not only is this region primed for investment and meaningful growth in scientific innovation, but it also experiences high levels of unmet medical needs, especially in diseases particularly prevalent in Asia. Teams located at this hub are contributing to strengthening our presence in North East Asia and delivering unique and differentiated therapies to patients.

Bangalore, India

The India hub is pivotal in enabling our vision of enhanced patient outcomes by delivering critical responsibilities in the drug development journey. It monitors the safety of our medicines throughout their use in healthcare practice and manages scientific exchange to elevate patient care by improving efficiency and ensuring quality and consistency. 

The hub is home to various functions critical to R&D and continues to evolve and expand. The hub focuses on driving innovation across the scientific community by leveraging India’s wealth of scientific talent and technological advances, to enhance healthcare solutions across the world.

Yavne, Israel

Our healthcare R&D center in Israel has been in operation for more than 50 years now. Throughout these years our scientists have always worked at the forefront of science and technology, and had success in developing therapeutic molecules that had made their way to world markets and patients. In collaboration with other R&D hubs across the globe, the team focusses on development of ADCs (Antibody-Drug Conjugates), NBE (New Biological Entities), and novel drug discovery technologies in the fields of oncology, immuno-oncology and immunology. 

Our scientists are well connected with the academia, hospitals, government and industry innovation ecosystem around us, creating fruitful collaborations for developing therapeutic solutions for unmet challenges. 

Our site in Yavne also hosts the Bio-incubator, created by M Ventures for guiding and supporting start-ups in our strategic areas of innovation.