R&D in Life Science

To power the world’s greatest life science innovations, we invest in both talent and technology, amplifying dedicated research and development efforts.

R&D: Turning Ideas into Innovations

Our Life Science business sector has more than 1,500 employees working in various R&D functions around the world. These teams collaborate closely with our customers to solve the toughest problems in life science by translating ideas into product innovations. To do so, we invest significantly in R&D. 

Facts & Figures: An Eye on R&D Innovation

  • 260M

    Euros invested to support R&D and innovation.

  • 2,1k

    The number of new products launched in 2016 alone.

Creating Solutions for Global Health Challenges

We help our customers in research better understand biological function and disease through a portfolio of ~250,000 products and services – including inhibitors and biochemical, antibodies, multiplexed assay kits, instruments and software, and lab productivity chemicals.

Our pharma and biotech customers look for expertise and products to improve every step of the manufacturing process. With ~15,000 products and services– including single-use manufacturing, filtration, chromatography and purification, virus reduction, pharma and bio-pharma raw materials, drug delivery compounds, and engineering and validation services – we support our customers with our teams of technical experts and one of the most complete portfolios in the industry.

We support our customers in ensuring that drugs, food and beverages are safe for consumption by providing analytical tools for quality testing. Some of our ~62,000 products and services include lab water instruments, consumables and services, microbiology and bio-monitoring, test assays, analytical reagents and flow cytometry kits and instruments.