Laser pigment powder

Welcome to a new generation of color formers. Thanks to Iriotec® 8000 laser-sensitive pigment powders, we offer you light markings and outstanding dark markings in light polymers are no longer a “dark secret".

Markings without compromise

Change colors permanently through foaming or carbonization:

Iriotec® 8000 pigment powders transform the energy emitted by laser beams into heat and sometimes even color. The laser energy triggers a change in color inside polymers and/or pigment powder.

The laser sensitive pigments are easy to incorporate into plastic formulations. They are ideal for adding high-contrast, razor-sharp markings – even at high speeds, and even with low-energy lasers.

Depending on the composition of the polymer, the resulting markings are either

  • Dark – and the surrounding polymer is carbonized
  • Light – and the surrounding polymer is foamed

If you decide to use a powder pigment, we generally recommend that it is incorporated into a masterbatch or compound before adding to the final product. The advantage to this approach is that the carrier can be tailored precisely to the final application. It also delivers more uniform pigmentation.

The Benefits to you

Products and their key benefits

Besides of our laser sensitive pigment powder, we are offering laser sensitive pigment granules. Click on the button to explore more about the advantages of our Iriotec® granules.

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