Our Good Deeds

Taking on social responsibility is part of our culture. With “Our Good Deeds” we show charitable activities worldwide, which we support in various ways.

How we're helping

Supporting community and social projects at the locations where we operate is especially important to us. In selecting these projects, we choose initiatives that reflect our three spheres of activity, namely Health, Sustainable solutions and Broad Minds. In addition, we provide disaster relief and support people in need in the communities in which our sites operate. Those responsible locally decide on the specific measures that are supported. 

Find here examples of our social commitment. 

  • Progress requires people

    Our technological progress, which benefits everyone, is only possible through our employees.
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  • Our focus

    The United Nations adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Find out how we are contributing.
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  • Health for all

    More than half the world's population still does not have adequate access to health. We are committed to changing this.
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