Compliance and Ethics

We follow principles that are set by our company values. We are convinced that that profitable business activities go hand in hand with ethical standards.

Because we care

Compliance – responsible entrepreneurship in accordance with the law – is one of our primary considerations worldwide. For us, however, there is more to compliance than simply adhering to regulatory provisions. We consistently aspire to act in accordance with the principles defined in our values and believe that profitability should go hand in hand with the highest ethical standards. We also support responsible governance initiatives to go above and beyond of today's requirements. This ambition underlies our corporate “Unite for Growth” strategy and our values of courage, achievement, responsibility, respect, integrity, and transparency.

Strategy and Values

What guides us

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    Our Code of Conduct is available in 22 languages.

Our Compliance Hotline

We take violations against our Code of Conduct seriously: we thoroughly investigate known cases and take disciplinary actions where appropriate. Report suspected violations via

Ethics – clear principles!

It is our objective to comply with the highest ethical principles and standards. As an innovative company, we cannot always simply fall back on existing standards for new technologies and developments. Instead, we need to define standards. For this reason, we set up our Ethics Advisory Panel for Science and Technology in 2011 and the Digital Ethics Advisory Panel in 2019.

Ethical Handling of Data and Algorithms: Digital Ethics

Especially technological advances based on the collection of data and their processing by algorithmic systems are confronting us with significant societal change. People’s trust is crucial if we are to seize the opportunities offered by digital progress and minimize the risks. Responsible entrepreneurial action increasingly calls for ethical standards and requires us to take positions on critical issues in the nascent field of digital ethics. We have therefore developed a Code of Digital Ethics – CoDE: five core principles that guide our work.

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    And so are we! We stand for inclusion and offer all employees equal opportunities for advancement.

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    Taking on responsibility is part of our company culture. We are making a positive contribution to the community and society.

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    More than half the world’s population still does not have adequate access to health. That’s why we have made it our top global health priority.

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