2023 Critical Materials Council (CMC) Conference

The CMC is offered by TECHCET, providing access to materials market & supply-chain information, and peer-based meetings to collectively work toward anticipating and solving Critical Materials Issues.

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18 Apr 2023 - 20 Apr 2023

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Round Rock, Austin, TX

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  1. Steven Eulig

    Head of Business Dev, Ops Digital Solutions

    "Model-based optimization of the application performance in late-stage material development"

    20 Apr 2023 - 16:20 UTC-05:00

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Materials suppliers are constantly researching new materials for application in the latest tech nodes. The goal of the late R&D – the early scale-up stage is to maximize the application performance of the material while minimizing the expected cost of
production and ensuring safe scale-up of the developed process. During this interactive presentation, we will discuss data-based approaches to accelerate this stage of material development.