SEMICON Europa 2023

SEMICON Europa is co-located with electronica and productronica in Munich, creating the strongest single event for electronics manufacturing, broadening the range of attendees across the electronics chain.

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14 Nov 2023 - 17 Nov 2023

Our participation

  1. Thorsten vom Stein

    Director, Head of Process Design Semi Materials

    Advanced Packaging Conference (APC): Digitalization of Chemical Process Design for Semiconductor Materials Manufacturing

    15 Nov 2023 - FROM 12:45 TO 13:00 UTC+01:00

DE&I Panel

  1. Laura Braeuninger-Weimer

    Technology Scouting

    Intersecting Paths: Uniting Moore's Law and Biology Through Bioconvergence

    15 Nov 2023 - FROM 14:05 TO 14:25 UTC+01:00

20 Under 30 Award

  1. Balazs Bordas

    Digital Twin Implementation Lead

    20 Under 30 Award Recipient

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    EMD Electronics’ material intelligence takes center stage at CES 2024

    EMD Electronics will put forth its contributions to advancing the electronics industry through material intelligence at CES 2024.


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    Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, Collaborates with Acceleration Consortium on ...

    AI-driven experimentation planner BayBE (Bayesian Back End) by us and Acceleration Consortium is available open-source on GitHub


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    Together with p-Chip we close the gap between physical and digital trust layers

    We successfully integrated p-Chip's microtransponder technology as a crypto-anchor into a cyber-physical trust framework solution developed by us.


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