SEMICON Korea 2024

Join us to find out the latest semiconductor materials, equipment, and related technologies and trends at the SEMICON Korea conference and trade show.

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31 Jan 2024 - 02 Feb 2024

Innovation beyond Boundaries

  • In the industry environment that is changing faster than ever before, over 200 global semiconductor experts participate to deliver insights on the latest technology trends and market outlook through over 30 conferences. Additionally, this year, Start-up Forum and an Investment Forums will be held to provide more business opportunities. 
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Meet us at

  • Booth: Discover the latest innovations and solutions at our booth located at D222. Get expert advice on-site and discuss how we can meet your needs.
  • Keynote Speech: Gain insights into the future of semiconductor materials and the impact of sustainability in the industry.
  • Conferences: We will be presenting at the Sustainability Forum and Smart Manufacturing Forum, sharing our expertise and insights on important industry topics.
  • WFD Program: Take advantage of WFD program, "Meet the Experts!". This is a unique opportunity to gain valuable guidance and expand your network.
  • Startup Summit: We are proud sponsors of the Startup Summit, supporting entrepreneurial ventures in the semiconductor industry. Be part of this dynamic event and witness the future disruptors in action.
  • 1:1 Career Consulting: Are you seeking a job? Secure your spot in advance and have a 1:1 Q&A session with our recruiting team.

Keynote Speech

  1. Anand Nambiar

    Chief Commercial Officer of Electronics

    "Digital and Data in the Materials World"

    31 Jan 2024 - FROM 10:40 TO 11:10 UTC+09:00

Our participation

  1. Dr. Safa Kutup Kurt

    ED and Head of Operations of Digital Solutions

    "Navigating Digital Transformation in the Semiconductor Industry"

    31 Jan 2024 - FROM 17:05 TO 17:30 UTC+09:00

  2. Anja Muesch

    Head of Use Case Mgmt of Ops of Digital Solutions

    "Navigating Digital Transformation in the Semiconductor Industry"

    31 Jan 2024 - FROM 17:05 TO 17:30 UTC+09:00

  3. Sung-Ho Kim

    Head of New Business Development of Spec Gases

    "Material Innovation for Scope 1 Emission Reduction in Semiconductor Processing"

    01 Feb 2024 - FROM 15:50 TO 16:15 UTC+09:00

  4. Jae-Jun Youn

    EHS Specialist

    "What is EHS?"

    02 Feb 2024 - FROM 16:00 TO 16:20 UTC+09:00

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