Q2 2017 Press Call, and Analysts Call

Our second-quarter results of 2017 are published on Thursday, August 3 2017, at 7 AM CET. During the call the latest informations regarding our quarterly report is shared with journalists and analysts.

03 Aug 2017

From 07:00 to 15:00

We have set the course for future growth

  • Life Science and Healthcare drive organic growth (+2.3%)
  • Healthcare investments and normalization of Liquid Crystal market shares lower EBITDA pre exceptionals (-5.6%)
  • FDA approval of immuno-oncology medicine in the United States and positive opinions for MS medicine and for immuno-oncology medicine in Europe
  • Integration of Sigma-Aldrich remains on track
  • We confirm earnings guidance for 2017

Earnings targets for 2017 confirmed

“We have set the course for future growth. By focusing on innovative medicines, we made very important advances in Healthcare. We also continued to make headway with the integration of Sigma-Aldrich. At the same time, we are seeing a normalization of our unusually high market shares in the Liquid Crystals business. We confirm our earnings targets for the full year."

(Stefan Oschmann, Executive Board Chairman and CEO)

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