• 308

    million EUR spent on research and development in 2022 in Electronics

  • 1.1

    thousand employees work in our Electronics R&D team

  • 13612

    patents or patent applications

Innovation to keep you ahead

We offer leading-edge products, services, and solutions that set us apart from the competition. Our business units are developing advanced materials for next-generation electronics.

Within our Electronics business sector, we are one of the leading players in most of our markets. We are scaling up our research and development capabilities for next-generation
semiconductor and display materials to further expand our position as a leading supplier to the electronics industry.

More about our R&D

With a global network of R&D and production sites, we are close to our customers driving leading innovations for data-driven electronics in next-generation semiconductors and displays.

John Langan

Chief Technology Officer, the Electronics business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

We are Shaping the future

Our aspiration is to shape the future of electronics by leveraging our expertise in materials science and device integration. Our innovation pipeline is aligned with our customers’ roadmaps, ensuring we deliver impactful solutions when our customers require them.

Our innovations go far beyond material supply. We work alongside customers to enable their next-generation devices and leverage big data to help them work smarter. We focus on both real-time solutions and long-term advancements. Learn how we are creating a smarter, more connected world.

  • Our Expertise

    Our deep expertise in material science, chemistry, and device processing makes us uniquely qualified to innovate for the semiconductor industry.

  • Strategic Collaboration

    Acting as a trusted, local yet global partner of choice, we invest in close proximity to our customers, thus enabling mutual growth based on a strategic collaboration mindset.

    Our offering
  • Next-generation devices

    We deliver cutting-edge materials and technologies for next-generation memory and logic devices and will further innovate to enable and shape future disruptive technologies

Thinking ahead

We have a deep understanding of the technology roadmap and the challenges faced by industry. We partner with our customers to develop new solutions and drive the roadmap forward, enabling the production of leading edge semiconductor chips.

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