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As processes tighten and quality challenges intensify, we work alongside customers to improve, advance, and accelerate the digital transformation process.

Advancing digital living

The last decade was defined by major changes in a world driven by tremendous technological progress and exponential data growth. Data needs to be generated, transferred, processed and stored, and the information needs to be made visible for the user. All this has continuously driven the need for innovation and we saw more and more new materials entering semiconductor manufacturing at each device node. Display performance has to meet ever more specific and challenging requirements.

Based upon the holistic digital solutions that we provide – complementary to our materials offering – we identify critical parameters that unlock process efficiencies and advancements in material quality.

Our Expertise supports customers around the globe

As experts with a strong focus on digital solutions, our Electronics Business meets the material and process challenges of our data-driven customers, empowering them to accelerate the ramp-up of new technologies.

We draw on a wealth of material science expertise – coupled with data analytics – to develop several functions along the value chain, such as R&D, Quality, Supply Chain, Commercial. Why work with us? We help customers decode the complex interplay between materials and manufacturing methods. This enables them to identify the critical parameters of process optimization and raising yields in order to reap the full benefits of predictive performance.

Using data to Push the industry’s Boundaries

The semiconductor industry is demanding to drive higher yield, produce with zero defects and reduce time to market to meet the ultimate goal - the "ideal ramp". Traditional approaches are reaching
a limit, however, the increase of data availability offers untapped potential to accelerate innovation, to optimize quality, to efficiently produce and to ensure reliable supply.

By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we unlock the full potential of big data to solve some of the most pressing challenges facing the Electronics industry today. We apply
advanced analytics methods to design and optimize our products in R&D, Quality, and High Volume Manufacturing while ensuring data security in our sensitive environments. Mastering data analytics with a multi-disciplinary approach that combines data, engineering, and domain expertise is at the core of how we work. 

We accelerate digital transformation

We offer holistic digital solutions that complement our materials offering to identify key success parameters.

Through automated data collection, data automation, data delivery and data access, we deliver digital solutions that can unlock process efficiencies and quality improvements.

  • We are Integrated

    We offer integrated material solutions powered by advanced analytics methods in order to accelerate future electronics innovations and efficiencies.

  • We excel at digital

    Our experts focus on digital solutions in order to solve material and process challenges
    and accelerate the ramp-up of new technologies for our customers.

  • We act holisticALLY

    We will continue to explore smarter ways to control material performance with predictive analytics – and to optimize interplay between quality, R&D, and the supply chain.

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