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To produce pure, perfectly reliable, and exact LEDs, the fundamentals have to be right. Our high-purity metalorganic precursors and dopants offer batch-to-batch uniformity, for producing high-quality LEDs.

Deposition precursors

When customers take reliable delivery of our bubblers, they know that what sound like children’s toys are actually crucial containers for one of the most important foundations of their LED solution: our pure precursors. 

Our bubblers come in a variety of sizes and the precursors they become contain the elementary unit of the microscopic layers of an LED. In case you’re wondering how this works, precursors help create fundamental building blocks of an LED. Each layer is added gradually in a special evaporation chamber (or epitaxy chamber). As our precursors come into contact with the heated base (the LED wafer), they leave deposits – and ultimately, it’s these tiny deposits that become semiconductors in LEDs and emit light.

You can choose between solid and liquid materials to find the best solution for your needs. We offer a wide choice of bubblers to ensure material transfer is secure, quick and 100% reliable. 

We’ve also spent decades perfecting our logistical and transportation systems to ensure every delivery of pure materials is kept safe and sound, even before you start making preparations for the epitaxy chamber. Regional I&A support is part of the package you buy from us.

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Our solutions for LED layering

The high-purity, metalorganic precursors and dopants we provide not only allow you to achieve ultimate functional performance with LED evaporation chambers, they can also be used in end devices in the microelectronics and optoelectronics industry. Our portfolio comprises: 

  • trimethylgallium (TMG) 
  • triethylgallium (TEG) 
  • trimethylindium (TMI)  
  • trimethylaluminium (TMA) 
  • precursors for many types of dopant and special materials 

You benefit form: 

  • World-class purity and ultimate quality 
  • Highly reliable batch-to-batch uniformity 
  • Local service in the US, Asia, and Europe 
  • The assurance of our global footprint 
  • Dual sourcing 

Other areas our precursors can be used in: 

  • photovoltaics 
  • laser diodes 
  • high-power devices 
  • sensors 
  • semiconductor chips 

More about MO Precursors?

Get in touch with us to learn more about our portfolio and our service offerings.

Designing Light

LEDs would be a technical impossibility without high-quality materials and professional processes. That’s why we go beyond just offering precursors in bubblers – we can also provide you with products such as phosphors and barrier materials. To find out more, visit our Designing Light technology cluster and explore our whole portfolio for LED processing.

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