Patterning Solutions

Our Lithography expertise includes Photoresists, Process Materials, Patterning Enhancement Materials, Spin-on Hardmasks & DSA.

  • Core resists

    We offer BB\X-over, g-line/i-line photoresists for front-end submicron lithography processes.
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  • KrF Thick film resists

    KrF thick film resists perform high sensitivity and high resolution with excellent pattern profile.
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  • Lift off resists

    AZ® nLOF™ and pLOF™ are i-line photoresist series that simplify complex image reversal and multilayer lift-off litho processes.
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  • Thick film resists

    TFR enables manufacturing of patterned conductive circuitry.
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  • Developers

    AZ developers are high contrast, ultra-high purity, and formulated for a wide range of lithography applications.
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  • EBRs

    AZ edge bead removers are high purity, effective, low cost solvents designed for photoresist edge bead removal.
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  • DSA

    Directed Self-assembly (DSA) is a complimentary patterning technique that improves the CD variance of an existing pattern.
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  • EUV Rinse

    A product applied to EUV process brought through our collaboration with TEL.
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