Directed Self Assembly

Directed Self Assembly (DSA) materials provide a cost effective patterning solution which enable further chip scaling. DSA combines bottom-up patterning and conventional top-down patterning.

Smart materials for chip manufacturing

Megatrends such as big data, automotive electronics, the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and green technologies create an ever-growing demand for individual and specialized microchips, which are becoming ever smaller. However, the miniaturization process increases production costs to a point that it becomes inefficient.

Directed Self-Assembly (DSA) is one solution. DSA involves a number of different materials. Above all the so-called block copolymers (BCP), which consist of two end-to-end interlinked strands of different polymers. These BCP have the ability to arrange themselves into uniform shapes along the conductive structure under certain conditions. They form the foundation for the extremely fine transistors and printed conductors of future computer chips.