Patterning Enhancement Materials

Patterning Enhancement Materials offer solutions that improve process margin, defect control and higher resolution patterning steps associated in semiconductor fabrication of advanced integrated circuits.

PEM Coatings

There are two coatings in the Patterning Enhancement Materials (PEM) family:

TARCs - Top Antireflective Coatings 

TARCS are the industry standards as cost-effective solutions for reflectivity control in applications from i-line to ArF lithography. The straightforward process also adds values for improvement on resist performance by providing a capping layer to prevent contaminations. 

BARCs - Bottom Antireflective Coatings

These provide a comprehensive solution for reflectivity control. The materials pose low-outgassing, reduced defective and etch rates based on proprietary polymer platforms.

Chemical shrink and rinse

Chemical shrink

Chemical shrink is a post-resist-patterning process. Combining effects of physical and chemical interactions with photoresists sidewalls, a layer with reduced water solubility is formed. Post simple water rinse to remove excessive materials, the trench or hole pattern is shrunk to a smaller dimension. The volume of shrinkage is process controlled during standard bake temperatures.

Rinse chemical

Rinse chemical is another industry standard brought through our collaboration with TEL. By replacing deionized water with rinse chemical, resist pattern collapse could be significantly improved. The process helps customers expand process window and enable higher resolution. Some additional benefits include defective reduction and potentially LER/LWR improvement.

Rinse chemicals

Rinse chemicals mitigate pattern collapse at high aspect ratio and higher resolution

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