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Dr. Inés Dawson

Science communicator and Oxford graduate (DPhil Biomechanics of Insect Flight)

Inés is a science communicator and Oxford graduate (DPhil Biomechanics of Insect Flight). She runs the award-winning bilingual YouTube channel Draw Curiosity, and makes science stories interesting and accessible for a wide range of audiences. An enthusiastic and entertaining educational speaker, Inés uses creativity to make complex subjects simple and fun.


Edward Tse

Profile Byline

Founder and CEO of Gao Feng Advisory Company, Edward is a pioneer in China’s management consulting industry, having built and run the Greater China operations of two leading international management consulting firms for 20 years. He has advised hundreds of companies – both headquartered in and outside of China – on all critical aspects of business in China, and China for the world. An active member of our Curiosity Council he has consulted to the Chinese government on strategies and state-owned enterprises as well as authoring over 200 articles and four books.