Are you still only detecting or are you already avoiding counterfeits?

Anchor physical products in the digital world through AI and blockchain to enhance supply chain integrity

Are you putting your customers and brand in danger?

Counterfeit products and corrupt supply chains are a growing problem that could have serious consequences. This applies especially to safety-critical supply chains such as those in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Here are a few numbers: The World Health Organization estimates that over 50% of medicines purchased on illegal websites are counterfeit1. And nearly one in five mobile phones shipped internationally is fake.

There is a need for enhanced supply chain security. We are developing a reliable, patented solution which will address the current supply chain challenges and enhance security. 

It will do this by anchoring a unique fingerprint from physical goods into the digital world through AI and blockchain technologies.

Our novel security approach

Make your supply chain counterfeit-proof:

Anchor physical products in the digital world through AI and blockchain

To successfully prevent counterfeit products, two things need to be achieved:

  1. Product authenticity
  2. Secure identification throughout the complete supply chain by digital means

Until now, this has been impossible. While visible and non-visible security features, such as taggants, ensure product authenticity, they cannot be tracked digitally. To allow track and trace features, such as QR codes for example, are used, but can be easily faked. Even though the product can now be identified, safe authentication is not possible. The result: counterfeits can only be detected, but not avoided.To meet this challenge, we are developing a novel security approach that will link physical objects with a unique digital signature. The new technology uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify unique product features or “fingerprints” and firmly links them to a digital signature. Any unique feature can be used as a fingerprint, such as a chemical signature, DNA or image patterns. The digital signature is securely stored through blockchain technology. This allows easy detection of any attempt to modify the signature providing integrated and secure end to end tracking of the complete supply chain. Businesses and customers will benefit from enhanced certainty.

The method:

Our novel security approach combines physical product identifiers with blockchain technology to protect businesses and customers.

1. Identify a unique product feature such as a chemical signature, DNA or even image patterns that can act as a unique 'fingerprint' for the product.
2. Via Artificial Intelligence the object's unique fingerprint can be translated into machine readable data.
3. The processed data is securely stored using blockchain framework.
A At any point in the supply chain, the object can be tracked, traced and its authenticity verified using the unique fingerprint and its digital signature, keeping businesses and consumers safe.
B If at any point the unique 'fingerprint' of the object does not match with its digital twin, counter measures can be enforced proactively before the fake item would harm consumers lives.

1 World Health Organization. Growing threat from counterfeit medicines. Available at: Last accessed November 2018.