2018 Winners announced

Find the 2018 winners announcement here.

How does it work

Challenge 1: What is the next generation production technology for biologics?

We are constantly in search of ways to improve efficiency and lower cost for biologics production. The 350 Research Grant will be awarded to the development of continuous production technologies, real time sensors continuous chromatography, and flow-through purification.

Challenge 2: Can you revolutionize microbiome research?

Understanding and harnessing the microbiome has the potential to impact the world around us and revolutionize human health, agriculture, and environmental restoration. However, understanding how we can harness and accelerate the promise of the microbiome is one of the toughest challenges in life science. The 350 Research Grant recognizes the need for microbiome specific tools and methods to enable and translate microbiome research. This award would support the development of workflow tools, predictive models, culturing and imaging techniques, omics and informatics that enable technical advancements for deciphering the microbiome.