Our Mission – Lower Emissions.

Our corporate climate protection program has been reducing our CO2 emissions since 2009. Now, an important climate goal has not only been achieved, but exceeded.

We launched a corporate program designed to make a contribution to the global battle against climate change, in 2009. The objective of the program: more energy efficiency and less greenhouse gases. At our German sites teams recruited from all business units checked buildings and procedures throughout the company to identify potentials for saving energy. In Germany alone we have since implemented over 1,000 individual measures within the framework of the program. For example, we installed combined heat and power units with extremely efficient electric power, heating and cooling energy generation; we optimized air-conditioning and ventilation systems, and improved process-technology-relevant procedures.

Did you know?

  • 25%

    lower greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 than in 2006 at our sites in Darmstadt and Gernsheim.

  • 1,000

    and more individual measures of the program helped us saving a huge amount of CO2 .

  • 100%

    climate neutrality by 2040 is our newly set climate goal.

Less CO2, Lower Costs, Less Environmental Impact.

Where has this led us? To the achievement of a significant climate goal: in 2020, we produced 25% less CO2 than in 2006 at our German sites alone. This is equivalent to a reduction of CO2 emissions by 37,000 metric tons - and is actually 5% more than our target figure. And that despite the fact that we are constantly growing and should ultimately be producing even more CO2.

“Innovation is possible not only in areas like digitization, but also when it comes to saving energy,” says Stefan Müller, our head of energy management, who is also responsible for ensuring that the German government’s energy laws are implemented and observed. He emphasizes the particular engagement of all his colleagues and the important role they have played in achieving this climate goal. The CO2 emissions were not the only thing that were cut: the measures enabled us to cut our costs as well - by several million a year. “An enormous thank you to everyone in every sector of the company for this amazing tour de force,” says Müller.  

Transparency is a key part of responsibility. We work to keep our stakeholders throughly informed about our activities and successes, along with the challenges we face. Every year, we publish a comprehensive report on our progress, goals and efforts worldwide.

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It Doesn’t Stop Here - We Have Even More Ambitious Goals.

The climate goal we have now achieved is by no means the end of the road. At the end of 2020, we announced a whole range of new climate goals: By 2030, we want to have reduced greenhouse gas emissions to 50% of the level in 2020. By then, 80% of the electric power we use should be from renewable energy sources. And we also intend to be completely climate neutral by 2040. The colleagues in Darmstadt are already working hard on a strategy aimed at achieving these goals. The strategy also embraces the targets of the European energy and climate policy (the EU Green Deal). This concerns the utilization of new technologies, alternative methods, and the shift from fossil fuel power generation to renewable energy sources. As can be seen, we still have a great deal still ahead of us on the climate front.

If you are now interested in getting more insights on the global level of climate goals, please have a deeper look into our recently published sustainability report.

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