Laser marking of plastics

Laser-sensitive pigment powders and pigment granules

Need to add a permanent marking to plastics? Is it important to have razor-sharp definition? Then Iriotec® 8000 offers you a choice of first-rate solutions for permanent and reliable laser marking. Depending on the polymer you want to mark and your specific application, you can add light or dark markings. We also offer you the choice of two types of products.

Pigment powders - for changing colors inside polymers – or pigment granules which turn dark when they are exposed to a laser beam.

Both, Iriotec® 8000 laser powder and granulate deliver stable markings, making them suitable for a variety of applications:

  • Expiration dates on bottle caps, adhering to the most stringent food regulations
  • Serial numbers, ID codes, and barcodes on technical parts, adding indestructible and permanently visible markings
  • Important information on caps and closures, in high resolution with strong, fine lines
  • Markings on liquid containers in the automotive industry capable of withstanding chemicals (including oil) and heat. No more need for labels that could become detached.
  • Containers used in medical diagnosis: marked lines (e.g. filling levels) instead of labels. Also, suitable for end users.
  • Cables and wires: precise labeling on every cable for future identification purposes 
  • Iriotec® 8000 is recommended in this area because it delivers clear and durable marking.
  • … and many more

Laser marking of powder-coated surfaces

Our Iriotec® 8850 pigment can be used for adding exact markings to powder-coated surfaces.

An innovation with quick and clear benefits:

  • Reacts extremely rapidly to laser beams, even making it possible to mark the surface of thin powder-coated materials
  • Also suitable for marking powder coatings in light colors
  • Has no impact on the smooth surface of powder coatings
  • Produces strong, dark markings
  • Neutral background color for guaranteed durability, even with light coatings
  • Markings are only made when the material is exposed to a laser beam

Iriotec® 8850 is our most important and effective product for varnishes and ultra-thin layers. Because it causes no damage to materials, it represents a powerful tool for marking materials such as powder-coated safety components in cars.

Are you wondering how laser marking works or what is the difference of pigment powder and pigment granules? Visit our laser portal to explore more about laser marking with our Iriotec® 8000 laser sensitive pigments.

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