Display Week 2019

The technical symposium, business conference and exhibition in the USA is focused on emerging technologies, original value creation and commercialization in the electronic display industry.

Type of Event

Fair & Exhibition

Display Week 2019 - Accelerating Display

Together with you we are shaping the rapidly evolving future of displays. Curious to learn more? Meet us personally in our booth 1228 from May 14 to 16, 2019, and find out how we can help you create more exciting, more powerful interactions and new opportunities.

During the symposium we will also present the latest findings in display materials and beyond. Take the opportunity to hear and talk about our latest developments on the following topics:

  • UBplus: New solution for high resolution TV
    Gain higher resolution and increased reliability with UBplus technology using LC mixtures with negative dielectric anisotropy.
    Tuesday, May 14 / 11:10 AM - 11:30 PM / Room LL21EF  
  • LCs beyond displays: Smart antennas and digital optics
    Learn about new materials and device concepts for smart antennas and digital optic applications.
    Friday, May 17 / 09:00 AM   - 09:20 AM / Room LL20BC
  • Ink jet-printed film formation and its impact on OLED device performance
    We illustrate the impact of ink formulation, film thickness, bank layout, pixel size, and process conditions on device performance.
    Friday, May 17 / 11:00 AM  - 11:20 AM / Room 220C

You’ll find more information at a glance in the overview of the Display Week Symposium.

Meet our experts at booth 1228 and obtain the latest technical information about our long-standing expertise in advanced liquid crystals as well as well-established OLED and patterning materials. There, you can also see how our eyrise™ technology makes switchable sun protection and privacy applications possible.

Let’s accelerate your display. Come and visit us at our booth 1228 from May 14 to 16. We look forward to seeing you.