The UNESCO World Science Day for peace and development

At Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany our work is fueled by our belief in science as a force for good. We work to enhance the human experience and create more joyful and sustainable ways to live. We make a positive difference to millions of lives every day. This is why we are celebrating the UNESCO World Science Day for Peace and Development on November 10th, to join the UNESCO in highlighting the important role of science for and with society and underlining the importance and relevance of science in our daily lives. Science is at the heart of everything we do. 

Many scientists are doing outstanding work. This is not only evident in the fight against Covid-19. With their dedication and perseverance, they’re laying the groundwork for human progress.

Stefan Oschmann

Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany

Continuing to celebrate science

In order to celebrate the UNESCO World Science Day we hostet a a number of live events and we continue to offer you a wide range of opportunities to participate:
Virtual events:
  • Sustainability & STEM lessons – A seminar for school teachers (in German “Nachhaltigkeit im Chemie-Unterricht”) 
  • Virtual Panel Discussion: Using Artificial Intelligence to improve Healthcare: Chances and Limits
  • Webinar: Pediatric Praziquantel Consortium
More activities:
  • Scientific experiments to do at home: Curiosity Labs™ at Home
  • Science Declaration "Make Science not War"
  • Application Innovation Cup
  • Biopharma Innovation Open Portal

Watch recordings of the live evens or continue to explore your scientific curiosity at home - science for human progress never stops!


Get active yourself!

The Curiosity Labs™ at Home program is designed to spark curiosity in students through hands-on science experiments that can be done with materials found around the house. Each experiment comes with a video, recipe card containing instructions and key learning objectives, as well as a lab report worksheet. Check out how to make Elephant Toothpaste, Self-Inflating Balloon or Run Away Pepper and view more at our Curiosity Labs™ at Home website.

Curiosity Labs™ at Home

The Science Declaration is a global call to action to devote more resources to the advancement of science & technology. This will enable humanity to solve the challenges of today and to realize the dreams of a better tomorrow. Everybody is cordially invited to sign this declaration now.

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At the innovation cup, great minds come together at our company. The brightest students from all over the world meet at our company headquarters to learn from professionals, network, develop business plans and win the 20,000 EUR Innovation Cup.

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Our company offers various collaboration opportunities for scientists, students and curious minds who want to shape the future of healthcare.

Let’s work together!

Inspire the next generation of scientists

We are passionate about inspiring the next generation of scientists. We accomplish this through a variety of programs including SPARK™Curiosity Labs™ and the Curiosity Cube®.

Day in the Life
The Day in the Life video series, which features our own scientists and experts from around the globe, highlights the breadth and depth of opportunities in STEM careers within the Life Science industry. Check out our most recent Day in the Life videos here and subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more videos in the future.

  • Global Health Innovation

    Our Open Innovation framework & proprietary compound library is our long-standing commitment to catalyze research in infectious diseases such as malaria and schistosomiasis.
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  • Advancing Digital Living

    Learn about how we are enabling innovative solutions towards a more sustainable, interconnected and more efficient place to live and what future cities could look like.
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  • A quiet Revolution

    Tune into Future Talk as nanotechnologist Dr. Suman Datta and chemist Dr. Ralph Dammel discuss how semiconductors are driving positive change in many aspects of our lives.
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  • Future Insight Conference

    At the Curious2021 - Future Insight Conference some of the world’s brightest scientists and most accomplished entrepreneurs come together to present their work.
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  • Future Insight Prize

    The Future Insight Prize honors outstanding achievements in science & technology towards a ground‐breaking innovation important for the future of humanity.
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