Photoresists for Front-End Applications

We offer positive & negative tone photoresists in the lithography process for semiconductor device manufacturing and optoelectronics with offerings ranging from submicron to thick film resist products.

Core Resists for photo-lithography processes

We offer BB\X-over, g-line/i-line photoresists for front-end submicron lithography processes, as well as KrF photoresists for nanometer lithography processes. If you are interested in photoresists for back-end applications and/or thick-film photoresists (g-line/i-line), please click here.

These photoresists are used in semiconductor device manufacturing and optoelectronics, for terminal devices such as smartphones and tablets as well as applications in IoT and autonomous driving technology. We are a leading solutions supplier with extensive experience and proven lower total cost of ownership. We do this with our customer’s health and safety in mind as we produce our sustainable materials in an environmental friendly manner. 

What is a photoresist?

A photoresist is a light-sensitive coating that is used to structure a substrate - a sapphire or silicon wafer. The structures are created by illuminating the photoresist that then reacts to light. The photoresist resides in areas that are exposed to light and vanishes during developing in areas not exposed to light.

Our AZ® product range

BB\X-over, g-line/i-line photoresists

  • nLOF2000 series (negative tone)
  • nLOF5500 series (negative tone)
  • 1500 series (positive tone)
  • 3300 series (positive tone)
  • 5200 series / 5200 IR (image reversal)
  • 6100 series (positive tone)
  • 7900 series (positive tone)
  • 8100 series (positive tone)
  • ECI3000 series (positive tone)
  • MIR701 (positive tone)
  • MIR703 (positive tone)
  • MIR900 series (positive tone)
KrF thick-film photoresists
  • TX1311 series (positive tone)

We have an active R&D program and offer custom-made solutions. Please contact us!

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You benefit from

Did you know that we are the inventor of photoresists? 
This led to a longterm relationship with partners and customers and a broad spectrum of patterning materials in our portfolio.
The benefits speak for themselves: 
  • Innovative customized solutions with an extensive range of industry insights      
  • Unique range of solutions
  • High throughput
  • Excellent etch resistance
  • Superior adhesion
  • Increased thermal stability in chip manufacturing
  • Global footprint and access

Benefits of AZ® TX1311

Our KrF positive-tone thick film resist AZ® TX1311 performs high sensitivity and high resolution with excellent pattern profile. It also performs good etch resistance and ion implantation tolerance which enable several kinds of applications for IC device manufacturers, such as 3D NAND staircases and CMOS image sensors.


The megatrends of mobile applications and smart cars are enabled by leading manufacturers of devices such as RF components, MEMS, Power ICs - just to mention a few. Improvements in performance and integration requirements urge advancements in technology, in chip design, and manufacturing processes. Thereby, lithography plays a key role and new, process specific needs emerge that call for new solutions. This talk will provide insights into our recent developments in photoresist which are specifically designed to meet the needs of the More-than-Moore industry.

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