Liquid crystals for smart antennas

The new level of connectivity: enabling steady connection to a satellite without any mechanical parts.

The new level of connectivity

The concept of car luxury has changed, and the overall modern user experience is key. Connectivity will have a major impact on the buying decision. Equip the connected car with planar LC satellite antennas, and wireless dead zones become a thing of the past.

Reconfigurable liquid crystals enabling a new area of communication systems:

  • Leverage future cost-effective satellite communication systems
  • Abolish wireless dead zones
  • Create high-speed connectivity
  • Save space, are thin and reduce mechanical failure
  • Reduce privacy and software hacking issues

Smart antennas based on our reconfigurable liquid crystals connect to stationary and moving satellites. This ensures connectivity everywhere, even in remote areas where fast Internet connections are unavailable. A very thin layer of liquid crystals allows beam forming, replacing bulky antennas and mechanical parts.

"When you’re driving through the countryside, you realize how much our routine tasks depend on uninterrupted data transmission."