Liquid crystal windows

Windows with stunning functions: privacy and sun control at your fingertips.

Solar control

  • Allows instant switching (< 1 sec) from light to dark
  • Is usable in tough environmental conditions (high temperature and intense UV radiation)
  • Enables a variety of colors – in particular gray
  • Operates on low voltage
  • Protects vehicle interior and passengers against heavy heating
  • Reduces electric consumption, by reducing need of air climatization

Car sunroofs have issues with energy loss, heat gain and cooling costs. licrivision™ solar control enhances glass performance in terms of energy efficiency and sustainability by preventing energy loss and controlling solar heat intake with the upside potential of converting the unused light into electricity. It gives you the ability to access real color neutrality, along with fast switching. With the flick of a switch, the transmission of the sunroof will change from light to dark while maintaining a crystal-clear view.

"We have created the ultimate window technology platform. It’s the perfect combination of aesthetics and function."

Martin Zitto

Business Development Manager