Materials for OLED displays

Ultra-thin displays in superb quality and limitless design.

High-contrast OLED materials

We want drivers and passengers to see things as sharply and clearly on screens as in reality, regardless of a display's angle, light conditions (brightness), and with a superb, never seen contrast. Our OLED materials for displays therefore:

  • Allow superb brightness and contrast
  • Create no dark glowing during night-time
  • Reduce eye strain with a blue light filter
  • Open up new design opportunities for transparent and very thin displays

Our livilux® display materials create displays with high contrast, brilliant colors and razor-sharp images that can be viewed comfortably from any angle.

"OLEDs give us a new degree of freedom in designing lighting and screens – your car dashboard may soon look like a spaceship control panel."

Joachim Kaiser

Research & Development


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