Our mission statement

Dedicated to bringing to the market world-class advanced cleaning solutions for the semiconductor industry. The SP&C team works directly with customers to fill the needs of their unique cleaning applications in front-end, back-end, packaging and device/board-level wet cleans.

Effective wafer cleaning and surface preparation are critical to high yields. Our team is committed to helping manufacturers achieve optimum performance through creative product development, chemical expertise, and unmatched technical support.

  • IC Cleans

    Our ACT® products hold a strong position in IC Cleans which are also referred to as post etch residue or interconnect cleans.
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  • Litho Cleans

    Our Dynastrip® and AZ® Removers are optimized for efficient Thick Film Photoresist Removal and widely used in Wafer Level Package Cleans.
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  • Wet etchants

    Focused on providing selective wet etchants for Logic and Memory.
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  • Polymer Removal Chemistry

    With our Dynasolve® product line, we also serve the Industrial, Spray Foam & Non-Semiconductor Electronic market.

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