OLED & LED Lighting

OLEDs and LEDs require less electrical power than conventional lamps and offer unique lighting qualities for architecture applications.

OLEDs in General Lighting

Whether for decorative or functional lighting, OLEDs (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) enable a new dimension of illumination. While emitting a warm and pleasant glare-free light with natural color reproduction, a perfect lighting ambiance is created by extended light color and brightness control. In addition, OLED Light Panels can be thin, they may be transparent and flexible, thus making it possible to create design lighting objects which have never been seen before.

The unlimited range of design possibilities allows designers to explore completely new dimensions when dealing with lighting. In the future luminous windows, curtains and wallpapers may become part of our everyday lives.

As a leading manufacturer, we offer a complete portfolio of premium materials for OLED Lighting under the livilux® brand name. These include OLED materials for vaporization and OLED inks for printing processes.

Innovative OLED Installation at our Innovation Center

OLED Lighting harmonizes perfectly with unique architectural designs. In the main connecting path between our Innovation Center and the Canteen, a vivid light flow, the OLED Cloud, accompanies the visitors. Several hundreds of individually addressable rectangular OLED lighting panels are connected to thin pipes, floating basically weightlessly in a room, where walls and sliding doors are covered with mirrors. The interactive illumination is visualizing the continuous flow of ideas. A digital algorithm triggers the double-sided OLED Modules to generate light related to actual processes activities. Although lights are moving and light intensity of the single panels changes, the overall light intensity depends on the activity of the surrounding. This generates a unique ambient atmosphere, dynamic and calm in harmony. In interaction with sound effects, this installation is a unique experience for your eyes and ears. 

LEDs in General Lighting

The variety of our portfolio also contains materials for LED applications. We offer several chemicals along the LED value chain that enable a new generation of general lighting applications such as Human Centric Lighting. This technology allows for a better life quality as well as benefits in well-being.