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Solutions to enable modern user experience, physically and virtually.

The next level of user experience

Connectivity is one of the major forces driving technological innovation. The car of the future will communicate with its surroundings: other cars, infrastructure, pedestrians and the cloud. Car-to-X technologies enable a completely new form of information exchange. A fully connected car sees around the corner and through walls. It warns those coming behind it of hazards and prevents accidents.

We at Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany have developed solutions that enable a fast exchange of information between systems or humans, and in this way, are shaping the connectivity of the future.

Have a closer look at our solutions for:

Our customer-specific liquid crystal mixtures for every LCD technology connect razor-sharp images and brilliant colors with required information to the driver, allowing a new level of user experience.

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High-tech integrated circuit materials for sensors and other semiconductors are the backbone of a modern car. They permit higher performance, additional features, smaller form factors and better interconnectivity.

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The new level of connectivity: Enable reliable connection to a satellite without any mechanical parts. Discover how our materials open a new channel to connect the car of the future.

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Stay connected even when the engine is turned off – printed organic photovoltaics enable self-sufficient power devices and are easy to integrate into various surfaces.

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