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Imagine an era of stunning synergies between beauty and technology: enabling a new level of design freedom.

Unlimited design possibilities

Design gives spirit to a brand, generates passion and attains long-term loyalty from your customers by creating a unique physical user experience. But too often, the design language is limited by the materials. At Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany we asked ourselves how our materials could be the solution for unlimited design possibilities.

Imagine a new era of stunning synergies between beauty and technology with screens that are seamlessly integrated and can be seen only in function.

We are setting new standards for car exteriors and interiors to reach a pure and unprecedented design that defines your brand without limitations.

Have a closer look at our solutions for:

Brilliant, durable, weather-resistant automotive and transportation coatings make for eye-catching exteriors, and are protected by our surface-modifying functional solutions.

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Imagine controlling the amount of sunlight that filters through your car by individually switchable sunroofs and windows that can be brightened or darkened at the push of a button? licrivisionTM Liquid Crystal Window Technology helps achieve breakthrough innovation in the automotive industry for sophisticated applications.

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Reinforce your design philosophy in the car's interior. Our effect pigments bring beauty and functionality to your interior design language – solutions for a clean and stylish appearance.

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OLED materials for displays provide exceptionally high contrast, brilliant colors and razor-sharp images from every angle.

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Screens will no longer be bulky items that stick out of the surface. Flexible materials for free-form screens can be seamlessly integrated everywhere, for example dashboards, doors, and seats – and are seen only in function.

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Customize surfaces with laser marking for stunning aesthetics and new branding options.

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